How much does an App cost?



How can we, together,
make your business successful?

Is it possible to relate your costs with your growth?

Yes, that is what we believe. We will put your business evolution at the core of our conversation

Right Technologies


By choosing the best technologies and frameworks we will guide your future.

Yes, it is that important

The right technologies mean that your customers will have the best experience and you will save in maintenance.

User-driven and Maintenance is where we will help you a great length.

New Databases Support


Your idea is probably targetting an specific market. Your App will help others to solve problems.

But, could your App also be used in other markets with similar needs?

We will architecture your App to take advantage of future opportunities.

The steps to get a quote

There is no magic bullet for App development.

We need to schedule a chat to develop your App wireframing,
how many screens you need, what is the flow of your App,
how scalable and secure your data needs to be,
what is your business model.

We are confident that, from our first questions, you will see that
we are the best partners for your project.

Book a one-on-one conversation!

Server Infrastructure Server Infrastructure


The server side is our bread and butter. Wakanda has been developing software for over 35 years. We will organise your data and your server to be Scalable, Secure and Reliable. We will create all the scripts and cloud infrastructure to support your business

Save costs with Javascript from A to Z

Save costs with Javascript from A to Z

JavaScript is the language of the web and mobile. Our projects are 100% JavaScript, so you can save by having to worry with one language in both backend and frontend.


Today everything is APIs. We can integrate any API or services available in the web, but more than that, we can standardise them into one data layer. This will speed development and integration with 3rd party systems


App design App design

Apple, Android or Windows

We can deliver in all platforms for you. Not only that, you will not worry about managing the different accounts, we can also manage all the updates of your App.

Apple, Android or Windows
Popular front-end frameworks integration

Popular front-end frameworks integration

Use the strength of the best frameworks in the market such as Angular, React, Aurelia, Ionic.
These are not just frameworks, but the guarantee that you will have the communities to support your project in the long run

Flow and User Experience

We will spend as much time as needed to Design and Validate your App flow and usability. link:

Flow and User Experience