Use the Built-in DB

Client-side: Bind your data in your web app via AngularJS

Wakanda’s client connector Angular-Wakanda provides a full integration of backend project to frontend.

Let’s see how you can display the superheroes you generated in the built-in database to your web frontend.

1 - Access the AngularJS module’s controller

As you can see in web/index.html, our blank template Angular1 application is contained in an AngularJS module called “Starter”.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html class="no-js" ng-app="Starter">

This “Starter” module, is discribed in web/app/app.js. Our Wakanda’s client connector is injected there.

angular.module('Starter', ['wakanda'])

Its controllers are in the folder web/app/controllers.

  • Open its existing controller file web/app/controllers/home.js. That’s where we’re going to access the datastore.

A controller HomeControlleris already created in the template. $wakandaManager is a service provided by Wakanda. We’re going to use it to access the datastore ds. (it’s similar to the $http angular service)

2 - Access the data

In the controller under ,console.log('Angular-Wakanda is ready!'); add the following code :

      ds.Superhero.$query({orderBy:"ID desc",pageSize:3}).$promise.then(function(response) {
         $scope.favoriteSuperheroes = response.result; 

Here $query() is an Angular-Wakanda method for querying all the Superhero entities saved in the datastore.

Here I used it to retrieve only the last 3 superheroes created through a promise.

$scope.favoriteSuperheores = reponse.result create a variable favoriteSupereroesin the app controller , and bind the server’s response to it. More info on $scope here

3 - Display the data in your front

Open web/index.html and add the following code into the body to display the list

  <div class="container" ng-controller="HomeController" >
 <p ng-repeat= "superhero in favoriteSuperheroes">Hello {{}} !</p>