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We develop high-quality, data-intensive, mobile and web apps to the world.

In the App world (mobile and web), it is vital to test your idea as soon as possible.

At Wakanda, we deeply understand that time to Market is your first advantage.

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The Wakanda team will architecture and develop your Minimal Value Product (MVP) in record times.

We will also prepare your future with a scalable architecture that will take care of your growth and security.


How about minimize costs with automated tests and high-quality deliverables ? We have it.

Wakanda has the professional team, the history, top 500 clients and, the mobile and web knowledge to develop and maintain your project through the years to come.

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Over 30 years developing software

More than 6000 clients

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We believe Data is knowledge.

Data is knowledge

Today, data is coming from everywhere.

Your clients will bring to your system tons of data that will need to be integrated into databases, APIs, legacy systems, 3rd party companies.

We have the cutting-edge platform to transform data into
for your company.

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Let's discuss your idea and add the current best innovations from mobile and web App development;

Let's design how users will have the best App experience;

Let's build your MVP (beta) in record time, so you have already something to show to your clients and investors

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