Build with a Mentor

Today's web and mobile environment is increasingly becoming more complex. To get things done, you have to use different technologies, frameworks such NodeJS, Angular, React, Ionic, emulators, design patterns, offline modes, automated testing etc.

Our goal is to assist you during the development of your project, from conception to release. We bring you the best practices of the market and we will assist you to deliver your App with confidence.

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Book a video conference with one of our developers to discuss your project. In the
one-on-one time, our developer will also define the areas where you need help.

Step 2

Based on your project, we will assign a specific developer to follow your evolution and your project success, from conception to production the developer will help you to:

At your own pace, contact your assigned developer to:
  • solve bugs

  • send code examples

  • discuss concepts and frameworks

  • move ahead with your project with the minimal waste of time.

Nothing beats a live conversation!

Let’s start

Booking takes less than 1 minute: choose the date and time of your convenience and you are done!